Victa - Chainsaw use & safety.
I researched, scripted, presented, filmed and edited this video for Victa/Briggs & Stratton Australia as an informational and promotional piece. It’s used by them to bolster their online content and for in-store & other display purposes.

AquaPro - DIY Pond Kit.

I created this video for AquaTec Equipment to support their ready-to-go pond kit. The video is intended for both on-line and in-store use. It looks at their pond kit and gives loads of great tips on setting-up and installing a pond as well as planting ideas. I researched, scripted, presented, filmed and edited this video.

Scotts - Grow Perfect Potted Herbs

Growing herbs in pots is easy when you get a few basics right. Find out how in this video I created with Scotts Australia as part of a major campaign and range launch. The campaign included 16 videos all of which I researched, scripted, directed & presented.

Scotts - Pure Organic – It’s organic and it works!
In Spring 2016
Scotts Australia created a campaign to support existing products and to launch some groundbreaking new lines. The campaign for web, TV and print media featured gardening legend Don Burke. I worked with Scotts and Don Burke to research and script these videos and then worked as producer and location manager during the shoot.

Victa - Mower Selection Guide
I’ve been working with Victa/Briggs & Stratton for a number of years to create both informational and advertorial video content. This video, that I researched, scripted, presented, shot, produced and edited, gives my tips on mower selection. The video is intended for both on-line and in-store use.

How-to… Build a simple retaining wall
This video was filmed at the same time I was shooting stills that were used in a magazine story I later wrote for Handyman Magazine. It has been extremely popular on my YouTube channel racking-up nearly 200,000 views. I researched, scripted, presented, shot (video & stills), produced and edited the video as well as designing and constructing the project.

Norfolk Island and the First Fleet
This video is a departure from my normal style as it is a true-history mini-documentary. It was all shot on location on Norfolk Island. While on location I researched, scripted, presented and produced the video which I then edited once I was back on the mainland.
There's a story not often told about the First Fleet settlement of Australia in 1788. It's the tale of The First Fleet's second mission - settle Norfolk Island. This small colony in the South Pacific started just 3-months after Sydney Cove was settled in 1788 even went on to save the main Sydney colony from starvation a number of times. Here's my quick take on this fascinating chapter of Australian colonial history. And yes… I am a bit of a history nerd.