Social Media Platforms

I have a well-established
, credible and consistent presence across most major social media platforms and I have also worked closely with companies to create and improve their social media use and penetration.

My belief is that for a business social media should function as a tangible ‘call-to-action’ creating real brand engagement not just be platforms that collect passive likes as many ‘social media influencers’ would have you believe.
I’m also a firm believer that ‘likes’ and followers should be earned, never bought. As a consequence I’m proud to say that all of my ‘likes’ and follows are 100% genuine.

Here’s what I get up to on the various social media platforms -

YouTube - My channel has had well over 3.5million unique views and has over 10,000 subscribers
FaceBook - I have around 4,000 followers
InstaGram - Is a platform I have only more recently ramped-up my presence on and have a rapidly growing following
Twitter - Hundreds of followers
TripAdvisor - As a frequent traveller I post about my experiences and am rated as a ‘Top Contributor’ with over 60,000 readers