With a lifetime passion for plants and the garden coupled with more than 25-years of industry experience Adam is a dirt-under-the-nails gardener, horticulturist and sustainability specialist who crosses-over into landscape and DIY.
Today much of his professional time is dedicated to communications and media.
In the communications field Adam has a proven track record working with publications and clients, large and small, across all facets of new and traditional media.
Adam’s main areas of expertise are home & garden lifestyle, horticulture, landscape, sustainability and DIY however he branches into many areas including travel and history.
He offers a cost-effective ‘one-stop-shop’ communication service.

Adam’s range of experience and expertise includes;

Editorial & copywriting
Magazine editor
Multi award-winning photographer
Television & video presenter
Award-winning video producer & production
Award-winning radio host
Public speaking & MC
Brand representation & development
Marketing communications
Press releases
Content creation for online - webpages & social platforms
Tour host

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