1200 or so kilometres off the east coast of Australia, sitting in splendid isolation like a gorgeous sparkling jewel in the turquoise South Pacific is one of the most enchanting islands you’ll likely ever visit. Norfolk Island is at once breathtaking in its natural beauty, fascinating in its living history and saturated with diversity.
With a sub-tropical climate Norfolk Island is a place of lush and green, yet often ruggedly beautiful, landscapes surrounded by crystal-clear waters filled with coral reefs and an abundance of marine life.
If you're a foodie then you’ll find lots to love about Norfolk Island. With a high level of self-sufficiency and sustainability the island abounds with awesome fresh, often organic, local produce, delectable seafood and talented local chefs ensuring that the visitor to Norfolk Island is presented with a veritable cornucopia of amazing food and dining opportunities.
If organics or sustainability are your thing then you’ll find the island a fascinating place to explore, experience and learn.
Norfolk Island has a European history that takes in discovery by Captain Cook, settlement in 1788 parallel and intertwined with Sydney Cove, brutal convict periods and free colonisation by the descendent's of the [in]famous Bounty mutineers.
This Bounty legacy is an integral part of Norfolk Island today with ‘Bounty names’ such as Christian, Adams, Quintal and McCoy filling the local phone book.
And the Bounty connection means the Island is not a place of static history, it is struck through with tangible threads of living history. When you tour the World Heritage Listed Kingston and Arthur’s Vale precinct chances are it’ll be a Bounty mutineer descendant that is your local host and guide.
Stretching back many hundreds or perhaps even a thousand of years prior to this European discovery and settlement are the somewhat mysterious on-again-off-again colonies of the Polynesians.
The natural environment on Norfolk Island is unique and beautiful. Norfolk Island itself is only around 35sq kilometres in size yet nearly 5sq/km of this is National Park. You’ll find everything from sweeping coastal vistas to secret bays and beaches to lush rainforests.
The Norfolk Island pine (
Araucaria heterophylla) is known around the world but the island is also home to almost 60 other plant species found nowhere else on the planet!
There are a multitude of ways you can enjoy and explore the island, you’ll find world-class snorkelling and diving sites, reef & blue water fishing, golfing, mountain biking, trekking, ocean kayaking and much more.
But don’t panic it’s not all an outdoor-adventure-sport-frenzy. There are plenty of opportunities to chill and indulge with everything from gardens to explore to a vineyard and coffee plantation to a range of spas and top class restaurants and cafes. And did I mention the duty-free shopping?

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