Around 25-years ago, with my life-long love of gardening in hand and heart, I took a deep breath and jumped from a career in television production to the big green world of horticulture, landscape and sustainability.
Today I combine these great loves, and, more recently, DIY, with my passions for communication and technology to share my experience, skills and knowledge across all media – writing, photography, videography, television, radio and of course, social media and public speaking.
With my skill mix I can offer the rather unique service of researching a story and then capturing stills and video to create a rich range of content for print and on-line – stills, editorial and video all in one package and with complete continuity across all platforms.

If you’re interested in any of my services for a one-off project large or small, an ongoing publication or a campaign of any size then drop me a line.

Here’s a look at what I do…
Editorial & Copywriting
Video Production
TV & Video Presenting
Social Media